meet and greet



Are you a frequent flyer? Or a first-time flyer? In both the cases, an effortless and stress-free travel experience is something you deserve. At Hari Om Travels, we understand how tiresome and complicated airport procedures can be, even for a veteran traveler. We offer our meet and assist services, to ensure a pleasant experience for air travelers all over the globe.


Type of Travel Assist:


  • Arrival Assist
  • Departure Assist
  • Transit Assist


With Hari Om Travels Meet & Greet service, we take the stress out of your travel and offer a smooth passage through the airport with few steps:


Step 1: Your friendly host/greeter will be informed at all times about the arrival time and gate number of the flight


Step 2: Once you land, you will be welcomed by our friendly host at the start of arrivals gate or at the end of the air bridge (Depending on the aircraft parking position).


Step 3: Our greeter will fast-track your passage by providing assistance and speeding up the various airport formalities including Immigration, Security, and Customs.